How To Get Random Strangers To Give You SMMA For Free


There was this pretty well-known guy. Who you probably know.

And he was hanging out with his friend Alex one weekend.

(Alex = Multi-millionaire. Worth several hundred millions or so.)


Alex flew over to visit this guy. And was staying over at his house. Trying to get some work done. On his laptop.

When the guy comes over to him and says…

“Hey, Alex. You wanna go out for a movie or something?”

Alex was actually enjoying his work and all. So he turns and says to the guy:

Tai. Recreation is over-rated, man!

And that really made Tai stop and think

A couple days later, Alex left.

Tai was at home. Chillin’ out. It was evening time.

And he was thinking about going out and having some fun. When Alex’s words suddenly popped into his head.

Tai. Recreation is over-rated, man!

So Tai thought to himself…

Maybe I’ll stay at home tonight. Get some work done. See what I can do.

That night, he went into his garage. Pulled out his video camera. And shot himself saying:

Here in my garage. Just bought this new Lamborghini here. Fun to drive up here in the Hollywood hills. But you know what I like a lot more than materialistic things? KNOWLEDGE!

That video went on to gain over 60 MILLION VIEWS.

And became one of the most VIRAL ads in history.





Thats how fast your life can change.

In an instant.

The point I’m trying to make here is…

.. it’s not about how much time you have. Or how much resources. Or money.

It’s about how you USE that time.

Jose Aldo was UFC Featherweight Champion. Going undefeated for more than 10 years.

One night, this guy came in to fight him. And tried a different approach.

He held steady. Until the right moment… waiting for an opportunity… and then…


He knocked out Aldo in just 13 seconds.

That guy was Conor McGregor. And when asked how he did it, he said:

Precision beats power. And timing beats speed.

Think about that for a second.

There’s a lot of people out there. Trying to win in life through sheer force.

And that’s why it’s an uphill battle.

Because precision beats power.

There are a lot of people out there holding two, three, four, maybe even more… jobs.

Maybe even you.

I don’t blame them. They’re trying to achieve their dreams.

There’s so much to accomplish. So little time.

But the thing is…

Doing the one right job (precision) can pay you loads more than the several jobs you’re holding (power). And for a fraction of the effort. Just a fraction.

Precision beats power.

And if you’ve been planning to get into SMMA right now.

But you can’t afford it. Or you’re still on the fence.

Here’s the thing…

… you’re focusing on the wrong stuff.

Here’s one “precise” thing you can do. That will let you get into SMMA for “free“.

And answer all your fears. And worries. At the same time.

It’s something that several students have been doing.

And this is so powerful. That it’ll blow your mind.




Alright. Here’s what you do…

You visit these pages. Where Tai is explaining SMMA and the importance of social.

You take the key points. Package it up into your own little presentation.

And present it to local business owners in your area.

You can even present it to your boss. At the place you’re working.

Or the boss of local businesses that you frequently visit. Maybe even your favorite pizza parlor?

Anyways, the key is… you offer them a way to get more customers. And boost their business.

And you get them to pay you upfront.

$1000. Or more.

You then take that money, invest in SMMA. And use what you learn to help their businesses.

Basically, you’re not spending any of your own money on SMMA.

It’s “FREE“.

Sound cool?

This actually solves several problems.

If you’ve been wanting to invest in SMMA. But are not sure if it’ll work for you. Or if you can make back the money you invest in it…

… this little strategy will prove to you.

That you can get small business owners to pay you. To do social marketing for them.

That you can make back all the money (and more) you invest in SMMA.

It hands you results. Up front. On a silver platter.

And proves to you. Just how hungry local businesses are. To find people who’ll help them out.

Second, you’ll get some practice. At some of the work you’ll be doing. Once you become a full-fledged SMMAer.

So you can see what it’s really like.

To command large fees. And a peek into the good life.

And even if you’re planning to use SMMA for your own business?

It’s always good to get some practice.

And to build out additional income streams.

That you can always automate later.

You’ll learn a lot by doing the social marketing process from a third-party point of view too.

Give it a try.

Take some time out of the next 24 hours.

And get your first $1000 (or more) cheque.

You’ll make more money in a single hour than you’ve been making all day.

Because precision (doing the right things)… beats power (doing a lot of things)…

Allen “precision maker” Walker


Still have doubts whether people will pay you upfront?

You gotta read this:

You won’t believe how much money there is in the world.

And what people will pay you to do.

As long as there is the potential of creating some “value“.


Once you got your first paycheck… don’t forget to grab your special offer. Before it expires. If you haven’t done so already:



One last tip.

Do a Google search first.

And make sure the local business you’re approaching doesn’t have much of a social presence. It can be easier to sell them that way.

Especially if they’re not already decked out on the social web.

But you can try either way.


And be amazed at the results…